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The 7 Biggest Mistakes You’re Making With Your Buyer Personas

The 7 Biggest Mistakes You're Making With Your Buyer Personas


Who are your customers?

One of the first questions any business needs to figure out before they can even start to understand the pains and frustrations that are keeping them up at night. Pains and frustrations that you hopefully can solve with your product or service, and at the same time can help fix your (content) marketing.

After all;

Answering that question, however, isn’t always as easy as it seems. Creating buyer personas can be incredibly useful when planning marketing strategies as it focuses your intent on specific people instead of a broad, mysterious market.

As a result, creating buyer personas should be an essential part of building any successful inbound marketing strategy. When do you think about your ideal customer for your market? What are the first things that come to mind?

B2B marketers can most of the time answer pretty straightforward by describing the type of companies that fall into their target markets. But even if you know which type of companies you want to attract, the problem they are trying to solve, the ideal customer that they are trying to attract are individual people.

Keeping that in mind, describing your ideal customer might be a bit more difficult than you first think.

When done right though, creating engaging content for your ideal customers can become a lot easier. And since creating engaging content is what we all want, you should take your time to figure out what your buyer personas are.

Everybody’s got their process for putting together buyer personas. We’ve even shown you before how you can use Google Analytics and social media to help you build better buyer personas. And although “All Roads Lead to Rome,” there can be some common mistakes on your way out there.

So as you start building your buyer personas, be aware and avoid these common mistakes that can ruin your marketing strategies.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Never Buy an Email List (And How to Build Yours for Free)

7 Reasons Why You Should Never Buy an Email List (And How to Build Yours for Free)

If you’re a smart marketer, you probably know right now about the importance of starting with email marketing for your business. But if you’re part of a small business or startups, you’re also probably doing a million different things at the same time.

You’re trying to feed your sales funnel, increasing brand awareness, driving engagement on your social media content, and on top of that, you’re also trying to create as much valuable content as possible.

At the end of the day, trying to grow your email list might be something that is left behind, getting not as much attention as it should be. And maybe you’re tempted of responding to one of those emails from companies that promise you to grow your email list within days or even minutes. After all, it is as easy as taking out your credit card and entering the details.

But like most things in life, taking the easy route rarely is right for you in the long-term. Or quoting the wise words of “The Father of Advertising”:

So why would buying email list be such a bad idea? What could it do to your sender reputation? And even better, how can you start building your lists even while you’re sleeping?

This post got you covered.

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How to Run a Business with 100% Remote Customers

How to Run a Business with 100% Remote Customers

It’s official. People prefer to shop online. With over 96% of Americans shopping online, it’s no wonder there are so many businesses going digital with their strategy. The days of brick and mortar businesses are long behind us as we march into this new era of online business. With everything from custom app development to grocery shopping being done virtually, there’s no excuse for not taking your business into cyberspace.

It’s common knowledge that running a business online is a smart decision in 2018, but does that mean it’s as easy as big-name businesses make it seem? There are a lot of get-rich-quick schemes targeting business owners looking to make big bucks online. The truth is there’s nothing easy about making it as an online business! Actually, competition for online businesses today is at an all-time high! Just review the Statistica stats below to see just how many Americans shop online regularly.

If the competition is so fierce, how do businesses succeed online? Is there no hope for small businesses who want to compete with big names like Amazon? The good news is that as this wild west of online businesses becomes more dense with these get-rich-quick marketers, there’s more room for authentic businesses to stand out.

Are you ready to launch your own online business? There are more tools than ever to build a website from the ground up. You don’t have to be a computer guru to launch a successful online business! Where do you start? How do you run a business when your customers are 100% remote? It’s all about your strategy. This guide will help you launch your online business from start to finish!

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Top 10 Writing Tools for Effective Email Campaigns

Top 10 Writing Tools for Effective Email Campaigns

You didn’t give up on email marketing, did you?

It’s still more important than most marketers and business owners assume. Although most of our promotional efforts are now directed towards social media and SEO, email still plays an important role.

B2B marketers, in particular, see great benefits of email newsletters. 70% of them said they used email marketing technology to manage content marketing efforts, and 93% of them used email as the main format of content distribution.

In last year’s report from Content Marketing Institute, email newsletters came on the third spot among the marketing tactics that B2B organisations use. This year, email wins the priority above social media and blogs.

That’s how important email marketing is; not only for B2B organisations but all businesses.

So yes; your brand needs an email marketing campaign, which will help you connect with potential and current users. Email enables you to make personalised offers and get insights on the purchasing behaviour of your users.

When you’re planning the perfect email campaign, you’re mostly focused on choosing email marketing and management tools. That’s okay, but are we forgetting something?

Content! It’s the real driving force of this method. It’s not just about sending messages. It’s all about the content you send to the recipients.

If you’re like most brand owners and marketing managers, you don’t have much time to write your own content. You’re probably relying on the members of your team, or you hire another member who will take care of this aspect.

Do you know what else you can do?

You can use the best writing tools that will drive you towards an effective email marketing campaign.

Instead of searching for the best design, distribution, and analytics tools, you should first focus on content development tools.

That’s what we’re here for today. We’ll list 10 really effective online tools that enable you to write great content for your email campaign.

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Exploring Vero as a New Social Media Marketing Platform

Exploring Vero as a New Social Media Marketing Platform

The world of small business marketing is, without doubt, a rapidly evolving one. There was a time when small budgets and large competitors put enormous constraints on the reach SME’s could feasibly obtain.

Of course, the onset of large social media platforms like Facebook in 2004 and Instagram in 2010 changed everything – allowing small businesses the opportunity to access large audiences in a relatively cost-effective manner.

Indeed, these social media giants have been so successful that it seems like they have managed to establish an iron-fisted monopoly over the realm of social media marketing.

However, the events of the past few weeks have shown us that, despite their size, there is still room for competition. We are referring here to the astounding attention the photo-sharing app Vero received in the past couple of weeks.

The app, defying all expectations, saw its’ users rise from a stable 150,000 to 3 million in just one week (a staggering 1900% increase!). We know what you’re thinking: we have seen Instagram competitors come and go in the past and nobody even remembers their names. On this occasion, such an astronomical rise to prominence surely merits giving this latest challenger a closer look!

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5 Tips For Making Automated Display Advertising Work For Small Businesses

5 Tips For Making Automated Display Advertising Work For Small Businesses

Whether you are a blogger, a small business owner or someone who simply enjoys browsing the internet, you might have come across ads on your favourite pages.

Some ads take the shape of unobtrusive marketing displays that appear in the body of the text you are reading or even as a sponsored item or a service in a video.

These ads are called native ads, and their nature is to blend in with whatever content they are implemented in.

Native ads pose several problems, however, not the least of which is figuring out how to pair certain types of products with the content that needs to serve as their anchor.

Let’s take a look as to why display advertising is so important even today, and how you can implement it in your own small business to promote your brand and other content through it.

The tips we mention will be numbered and continue throughout the article and the points we make, so make sure to check them all out before making a call as to whether or not to implement some of our strategies.

With that said, let’s jump into it:

  • You will find out why some people dislike display advertising and why you might want to consider the alternatives.
  • We will also take a look at how the content creation process looks and how to choose the right type of content for your audience. We will also briefly cover programmatic display advertising and how you can benefit from it.
  • Your landing page is also a matter of great importance for future visitors – optimising it correctly will sometimes be the deciding factor of whether or not they stick around for long.
  • We will close things off with a look at how you can track your leads and what types of software you might want to consider using throughout your display advertising process.

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WhatsApp Marketing: The new way to reach your customers!

WhatsApp Marketing: The new way to reach your customers!

When you’re thinking about different marketing channels to talk and engage with your ideal customers, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Probably Facebook with its 2.167 billion active users. Maybe Instagram with it’s 800 million active users? What about Twitter with its 330 million active users or LinkedIn that has 260 million active users. You’re probably on there too.

But what if we would tell you there is another platform out there, it is text-based, has more users than Instagram and LinkedIn combined. And we’re pretty sure you’re not on there yet.

It’s called WhatsApp.

And even though email marketing is crucial, giving you an open rate of maybe around 30% (if you’re doing an okay job), and that 30% is already way higher than you would ever get organically on Facebook. The average text message gets an open rate of around 98%.

That is the reason why chatbots work so well too. And that is precisely the reason that makes WhatsApp the most engaging marketing channel on the planet.

The reason why you probably never thought about using it as a marketing channel is that there has never been any real tool to help you manage your account and start engaging with your “followers” unless you had that one mobile phone on which the client with your business number was installed.

There’s also no advertising on WhatsApp, so the natural and lazy route of just buying some ads will get you nowhere.

So what do you need to do? When you also can’t track your success, you can’t search for groups to automatically join and promote your stuff?

Right now is the moment to start taking action, build a massive following, and start engaging with your real fans before all marketers all over the world start to figure out they are missing on this vast opportunity and spoil it for everyone.

But first things first.

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How to turn Quora into a sales, leads and a traffic generator for your business

How to turn Quora into a sales, leads and a traffic generator for your business

Content Marketing at its core just comes down to solving the same problems that your product solves through media you create and promote. So what is the first thing a lot of people are all doing when they have a problem?

Right, they Google it.

One thing you might have noticed as of lately though is that when you Google a question, one of the websites that always seems to pop-up with an answer is Quora. And if you’re seeing Quora popping up and giving answers, this is probably true for a lot of your customers as well.

So what is this Quora? Well, Quora is THE biggest Q&A platform with more than 190 million monthly active users, and whenever you have such a big platform of people searching for answers to their questions, you know this is a significant opportunity for any marketer.

And the beautiful thing about Quora is that there are a lot of interesting categories where people are posting questions and are answering them, so no matter what type of business you’re running you can use it to grow your website traffic.

And it is not just traffic, as we’ve already seen earlier, Quora can also help you find content ideas and build your brand. But before you can get anything out of it, just like with all marketing efforts in life, you need to start using it first and grow a reputation of someone who knows her or his stuff.

In this blog post, we’re going to run you through the works, from starting a Quora account to building your business and getting more customers.

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Social Media Strategies: How To Use Twitter For Successful Business Marketing

Social Media Strategies: How To Use Twitter For Successful Business Marketing

Twitter, it is every marketer’s favourite social network, but at the same time, it has become harder and harder as a small business to make it work for you. With over 330 million monthly active users it could be a traffic goldmine for your organisation. However, there are also 500 million tweets send out every day, so how can you get your tweets seen? Should you still invest in it?

Just like LinkedIn marketing and Facebook Groups, there are lots of different ways you can use it for your business, but at the same time, there are lots of companies struggling to make Twitter work as effectively as it used to be in the past.

So what is Twitter marketing? The beautiful thing about Twitter is that it is whatever you want it to be.

Want to learn more about your customers? Bring a human touch to your brand? Build buzz about your new product? Provide super-fast customer support? Start cleaning up after a PR disaster? Hold a group chat, and educating your customers? It doesn’t matter what your marketing goals are; there is a pretty significant change Twitter has got you covered.

There is no question that Twitter can be a very potent tool to help you achieve your marketing objectives.

The problem though is that it might sound a bit overwhelming, you’ve got no idea where to start, or maybe you’ve already started, but you’re having trouble getting your business objectives.

No matter at which stage you are, this guide will help you either get started from scratch or guide you to the next level of using Twitter to grow your business, traffic and sales.

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10 Ways To Create An Audience Specific Lead Generation Strategy

10 Ways To Create An Audience Specific Lead Generation Strategy

Lead generation has formed part of the lingo of many marketers these days. Some have considered it as the lifeline of any company as it tries to remain relevant in the ever competitive world. Typically, new leads bring new prospects and new prospects lead to new clients. No wonder the craze about lead generation!

If you take a look at most lead generation strategies, one thing seems to be common; that is, content.

Companies have shifted gears to producing quality content as a means of lead generation. This wave is attributed to the ease and cost-effective manner that content can capture an audience and ultimately convert them into actual clients.

Well, in light of the above, let’s consider some ways in which you can write an audience specific lead generation strategy for your company.

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