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Inbound Rocket’s Lead Generation Features

Inbound Rocket has everything you need to grow your email list and customer base. Here are the features that make Inbound Rocket the most powerful customer acquisition & lead generation platform.

Business Isn’t Business Unless It’s Personal

Proper customer acquisition starts by knowing the person you are contacting. That’s why when someone submits any form on your WordPress site, you want to know more about them. What are the pages they’ve visited, did they return multiple times, did they share certain content?

Inbound Rocket’s WordPress plugin gives you the details you need so you can make your next move.

Get More Traffic To Your Website

Most online businesses dream of having a highly popular website. It’s good for your brand and ultimately serves to drive wave after wave of potential customers your way. However, dreaming about it won’t get you there — taking action is the key.

By using one of sharing power-ups, you will make it easier for your visitors to share your content and in return end up with more visitors.

Convert Your Website Visitors Into Customers

Most marketing experts agree that it takes an average of seven contacts with a prospect before they’ll buy. So the way to convert site visitors into prospects and prospects into customers (and first-time customers into repeat customers) is by building relationships over time. The only way for you to be able to start building those relationships is by capturing their email addresses.

Use our conversion power-ups to prevent people from slipping through the cracks.

Get Set Up In 3 Minutes

Inbound Rocket is easy to set up because it works with your existing website and even your existing forms. We automatically find and integrate with the forms on your site, no coding required.


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