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Introducing a new way of generating traffic and converting them into leads on WordPress.

Tools for generating traffic and leads

Content marketing is great for SEO, social media, and your audience, but it won’t do you much good if you aren’t also using it to collect leads and build an audience of readers. So, how do you start to make sure your content gets easily shared on social media, delivering more visitors? Or how do you convert all those visitors on your website into leads on your website?

We’ve noticed that many websites are struggling to do this exact thing, they write beautiful content but the visitors stay out, or they don’t collect emails at all because the tools aren’t properly available or too expensive for small and starting businesses. So we thought why not create these tools, let you focus on creating content and we take care of the rest.

That’s our goal, plain and simple. You’ll write and we turn them into leads.

Have you ever wanted to know who visits your site and what they are doing?

Using Inbound Rocket you can track the browsing behaviour of leads and visitors using your website. As soon as a visitor fills in any form you will receive a real-time email alert.

real-time visitor tracking
Inbound Rocket works with all forms

Convert more of your website visitors into customers

Capture leads from your site by using Inbound Rocket’s lead converting power-ups. Of course, we also work with Gravity Forms, ContactForm7, NinjaForms or Jetpack (and quite a few other plugins too).

Turning cold emails into warm welcomes

Inbound Rocket gives you the power to send warm welcomes to your prospects. You will know which pages they visited and which actions they performed, giving you the advantage to send targeted emails with just the right content.

extensive lead profiles
all data is stored securely in your WordPress installation

Are your leads your most important data?

That’s what we thought as well. All data is securely stored inside your WordPress installation. If you still want to use the data in other places, we offer CSV export possibilities so you can import them into your CRM or email marketing system of choice.

Built-in Analytics

Get the stats that matter and take action. See which content and which forms are performing the best and improve accordingly. No more complicated Google Analytics reports.

Inbound Rocket's Built-in Analytics
You can have Inbound Rocket up-and-running in under 3 minutes

Get set up in under 3 minutes

Because Inbound Rocket works out of the box with all your existing forms, you don’t need to be a tech wizard to start using Inbound Rocket. Installing the plugin and activating is all you need, no coding required.

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