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How to Setup and Install Inbound Rocket

The first thing you need before setting up Inbound Rocket is a WordPress website. If you’re running your website on WordPress you’re in luck; you’re ready to get started with Inbound Rocket. Follow the instructions below to install the Inbound Rocket plugin and start generating that information about your leads.

Install Inbound Rocket

  1. Open a new window in your browser and go to
  2. Follow the instructions on that page to install and activate the plugin on your WordPress installation

Configure Inbound Rocket

Now you’ve successfully installed and activated Inbound Rocket! You should your browser redirect you to our three step onboarding of the Inbound Rocket plugin.

  1. The first step is the hardest part 😉 activating the plugin, already made sure you don’t have to do that step anymore
  2. Step 2, takes care of selecting how do you want us to track your visitors. At Inbound Rocket we can track you visitors using standard Cookies in your browser or with a more advanced method where we use Evercookies.
  3. In step 3, we will ask you “Where should we send your contact reports?”, These are the detailed history reports about your new leads after they filled in a contact form for the first time on your website. Don’t worry, you can always update your email address at a later stage. Press “Save Email” to continue the plugin onboarding.
  4. Part of the power of Inbound Rocket is the different power-ups we offer to extend our functionality. In step 4 of the plugin onboarding, you can select which power-ups you already want to activate right now. Just like with step 2, don’t worry, you can always enable and disable power-ups at a later stage too. Select the power-ups that you want to activate and press “Activate these power-ups” or click “Don’t activate power-ups right now” to move to the final step.
  5. Your installation is now complete and ready to start monitoring your website visitors. If you press “Complete Setup“, you can give Inbound Rocket a spin by testing it out on your website. Visit a couple of pages, and fill in a form to be able to see your first “new lead” appear in your WordPress backend.

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