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The 5 Best Conversion Rate Optimization Tips For 2016

Whenever there is a visitor in your site, you want him/her to perform a desired action like say signing up for a free account, becoming a member of the site, answering the poll, etc.

When a visitor acts on it, it is called a conversion which is critical for you if you want to achieve your business goals. But driving conversions is not that easy, and since the competition keeps on increasing every day, you have a difficulty in realizing your conversion dreams. Moreover, research has shown that only 22% of businesses are pleased with their present conversion rate. So the remaining 78% percent who are not achieving their targets must be going somewhere wrong.

There are numerous ways which have been overlooked, but if they are given a chance and implemented properly, you will see your business booming in a few months.

#1 Studying your Website Traffic Data

You need to study your website traffic data to get an insight into the site’s performance. To do that, you can take the help of Google Analytics or any other website analytics tool. This data is important because it tells you who your visitors are. Details about geographical location, screen resolution, or mobile traffic are important because they show you the location of your visitors and the way they are using your website. This information is handy because it will help you to make your optimization efforts a success. In 2016, this kind of segmentation is going to be more crucial because

In 2016, this kind of segmentation is going to be more crucial because cross-device activity has increased and the diverse behavior of the users makes it important for your website to get better trafficking and targeting. Say, for example, your landing page generates little conversion, and most of your users come to your site through their cell phones, what you need to do here is optimize the landing page for mobile.

#2 Target the Right Keywords

CRO becomes much easier when you attract the targeted visitors to your site, and you can only achieve this with the help of the right keywords. If people are looking for the conversion rate of cash and they come across a page about conversion rate optimization, they will be frustrated. You can prevent this by using support keywords inside your content and also keywords which will guide Google and other search engines like Yahoo to be sure about the theme of your content.

One way to accomplish this is by taking the assistance of the Google Keyword Tool. Here you type in the keyword you want to optimize for on the particular page. Once you fill out the captcha and hit the submit button, Google will display relevant terms for which people are looking.

#3 The art of video marketing

More often than videos tend to create a powerful effect on people and if you are a someone who is looking to create hype around your brand, then videos are your best option. Since videos have a huge chance of going viral, business people both novice and experienced are obsessed with it. There are many video marketing tools available, and if you do your research well, you can easily utilize this opportunity.

With advanced technology at your hand, you can quickly analyze data and create videos for your target audience. YouTube is the best tool for effective video marketing. Since 20% of video views are on mobile devices, you need to have optimized mobile videos so that more and more people can view your videos. Personalized videos are popular among today’s masses and so make sure that the video you create strikes the right chord with your target audience.

#4 Mobile Optimization

A lot of businesses have started paying attention to the mobile versions of their websites because the popularity of mobile devices is on the rise and it can be easily predicted that by the next five years, they will outplay the desktops and laptops. Today’s consumers are constantly doing something or the other, and so they have a habit of landing on a website between breaks or some other leisure time.

You need to utilize this information and optimize your sites for a superior mobile experience. You need to come up with various marketing gigs to surprise your current and potential customers irrespective of the device they are using. Keep in mind the following things while optimizing your sites for mobile devices.

  • Loading time: Pre-load the most important and crucial information to keep your users interested. Interactive visuals and animated buttons can be used to compensate for the slow loading time.
  • Investing in the right visuals, fonts and graphics are very important because visitors search for relevant information, and if they cannot find it the first time, they lose patience and leave.
  • If you want your visitors to come and look up your website, you need to make sure that your sliders load fast, they are manually managed by the users and keep the number of banners to a minimum, apart from ensuring that the slider navigation is not complicated for the user.

#5 Split Testing

Both Amazon and Google are known to use this technique called split testing. Say for instance there are two headlines for your website and both look attractive to you. Now you are confused and cannot decide which headline will give you more customers. What you do is run an A/B split test where you make sure that half of your visitors will see headline A and the other half will see headline B. You can then count the number of visitors for each headline and ultimately compare where you will find out which headline gave you more users.

If you still have doubts regarding this, then you can take outside help from providers of search engine optimization like Mannix Marketing.

Sunny Popali - Good MonsterSunny Popali is an everyday learner and editor, working at Good Monster, a web design agency.

He is passionate about helping online businesses to achieve their goals with cost-effective SEO and Digital Marketing services.

He believes that you should always keep conversion rates in mind.


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