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What is Welcome Mat

What’s that? You’re worried that your WordPress site is not converting well enough?

Do you think that people don’t completely understand what your site is all about when they land on the homepage, or any page for that matter?

In that case, you need a welcome mat.


How does the Welcome Mat work?

Inbound Rocket Power-Up: Welcome MatOur Welcome Mat power-up is one of the most effective ways to build your site’s audience that we have found.

Turn any page into your highest-converting page with Welcome Mat.

Welcome Mat displays a full-screen call to action that shows when visitors land on your site.

Encourage your visitors to join your email list, check out your popular blog post … the possibilities are endless!

How can a Welcome Mat improve your conversions?

Even though website visitors report that they prefer not to have to X-out of a welcome mat or splash screen, websites typically report a doubling or tripling of conversions upon the implementation of one.

This is a huge improvement, and if someone is so turned off by a welcome mat that they never come back to your site again, they probably weren’t going to become one of your VIPs in the first place.

Our Welcome Mat power-up:

  • Has a completely customizable design
  • Can be picked to show exactly on the page, post or custom post type that you want
  • Will double your email conversion rate
Inbound Rocket Power-Up: Welcome Mat Example

Welcome mats are large and in charge, fullscreen CTAs that demand attention from the get-go.

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