Inbound Rocket

Inbound Rocket version 1.0 is live

You Only Launch Once

We’ve spent the last seven months building Inbound Rocket to help scale and automate lead generation for you. Today, we’re excited to announce that we’re live and ready for prime time!

What our beta users are saying

“Been testing this plugin for the last couple of weeks as a beta-tester and I must say it is an excellent plugin for Inbound Marketing. I’m using it with email marketing and contact form 7 and we are able to refine our targets beyond the normal analytics.” – Will Martin founder at LiveDuel

“Less than five minutes to install and start using! This plugin has so much value, you’d be insane not to install it. It’s a must-have for any business owner, or someone concerned with lead generation. I love it. Built to solve real problems. Like the kind I use to have!” – Jeff SKI Kinsey, founder or co-founder of numerous tech start-ups, publisher, and investor.

How we use Inbound Rocket

We’ve been using Inbound Rocket for the last few months on our website to learn more about you and all the other visitors into what was important to you. This information helped us fine-tune all the little bits that make this plugin tick.

But enough about us, don’t wait any longer—download and install the plugin now!

If you need any help or ideas on how to best leverage Inbound Rocket, please don’t hesitate to reach out at any time. We want to ensure personally you get results like we have. And of course, if you’re running into any problems after or during the installation, let us know below in the comments as well, We’re here to help.

Now it’s time for us to head pop a small glass of champagne 😉 and then head back to working on making the plugin even better!

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Google’s Mobilegeddon: Everything You Need To Know For Your Business


Last week, on the 21st of April, the moment was finally there. Mobilegeddon had arrived! Google updates its algorithm every now and then to make sure that whatever it is you’re searching for turns up in the first sets of search results.
Earlier there were already the Google Panda, Google Penguin and Google Hummingbird updates But the update from last week is specially focused around mobile. As of the 21st of April, Google is punishing websites that aren’t mobile-friendly and it’s ranking sites that are labeled as mobile-friendly higher on mobile results.

A brief history of Google Algorithm updates

In February 2011, Google released Google Panda. Panda aimed to rank sites of low-quality or “thin sites” lower in the search results. As a return of the update, higher quality sites would rank higher. Google has their own Quality Rating program for this, the program answers such questions as “would I trust this with my credit card?”, all of these questions would end up in helping Google to distinguish the difference between high and low-quality sites.

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