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7 Industry Experts On How To Build A Crazy High Converting Landing Page For Your Startup

We all understand the ongoing struggles startups have to increase user signups on their websites. When looking at the big boys and girls out there, it might look so easy! But don’t forget they by now have lots of resources and already have a big coverage, resulting in a big advantage when it comes to converting landing page visitors to sign up for their product.

But all of these startups had to start somewhere. They all started out just like you and me, with just a simple landing page trying to convert visitors into believing their vision of whatever it was they were building.

In the past week, we’ve had the wonderful opportunity to talk to some of our heroes in the marketing and startup markets. Hopefully, you’ll be able to learn as much from them as we’ve learned here at Inbound Rocket.

The basis for our conversation was the blog post “How to make great landing pages (with crazy high conversions)” and the simple question I had around this process.

If you are just starting out with your company, nobody ever heard of you or your product yet, your product might not even be finished yet, how do you convince people on your landing page to sign up? Things like social proof to make a stronger case for whatever it is you are building are non-existent yet for example. So what are the key treats for you as a founder to include on your startups landing page?

It might not be the most hard-hitting question that we could ask them, but we believe it is a vital question nonetheless. As you know a landing page is not about adding more and more information to hit that visitor with, it needs to be clean and clear within seconds. So maybe the question could be rephrased to “If nobody has ever heard of you or your startup yet, how would your landing page look like to convince users to signup..”

This is who they are, ranging from Marc Köhlbrugge (Betalist) to Oli Gardner (Unbounce) and all the brilliant minds in between. Oh and this is what they answered..

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How To Make Great Landing Pages (With Crazy High Conversions)

How To Make Great Landing Pages (With Crazy High Conversions)

So you’ve got your marketing all up and running. You have paid search ads, your site is well optimised for mobile and you’re starting to generate traffic via organic search, you’ve got your Facebook ads working, and you’re getting lots of traffic.

People are visiting your site, but for some reason, it stays with just that: people visiting your site. You don’t see lots of conversion happening, and, to be honest, the numbers of new leads is not exciting. What could be going wrong?

Take a hard look at the individual page people are going to when the click through your ads. Do you have a good landing page? No? Then you’re essentially throwing your money down the drain.
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