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5 Ways To Better Personalisation And More Leads

5 Ways To Better Personalisation And More Leads

This is a guest post by Miles Hobson from The Chat Shop.

Lead generation. A real pain in the…ahem, usually. Many marketing managers find lead generation to be a bit of an uphill struggle. You somehow need to convince potential customers that you are right for them while figuring out whether they are right for you.

So, let’s start with the obvious. You need to convince people that you are awesome, really clever and that you’re going to make them more money; no-one wants to hand over personal information unless they are getting something good in return. It doesn’t just end there though, to develop that name and email address into a hot lead you need to keep providing value and revealing how brilliant you are. Your marketing team needs to develop leads far beyond just a name and an email address or your sales team will waste a lot of time trying to sell to people that are nowhere near ready to buy.

Ok, second thing, deciding whether leads are right for you. Whilst you are proving your worth to a potential lead, you need to also decide whether they are any good to you. You don’t just need to generate more leads, you also need to qualify them at the same time. What a load of hassle, right? Not really. The real hassle comes when you don’t qualify leads. Unqualified leads eat up the super short time the sales team have in a day to deal with those potential clients that will help you to flourish. Unqualified leads also turn into poor clients – clients that you can’t do amazing things for and which end up costing more to manage than the amount of revenue that they bring.

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8 Powerful Tips to Dramatically Increase Email Open Rate

8 Simple Ways To Improve Your Email Open Rates

Email has been announced dead for multiple times over the last decade. However, as we’ve seen in an earlier post, email marketing should be an essential part of your marketing mix. According to a 2011 study by eMarketer an astonishing 97% of small business use email marketing to connect with their customers.

When it comes to email marketing, the first hurdle to overcome is email open rate. Because if you can increase your open rates, you’ll be able to boost your email conversion rate too. Makes sense, right? Even if you give away the most beautiful vacation to your subscribers, if they don’t open the email they will never find out.

A deep understanding of your customers as well as their needs and habits, their tone of voice and everything else that is part of their unique personality is key in creating an effective email marketing strategy.

One of the first step to always ask yourself if: “If I received this email from another company, would I open it?” But what if you want more? A weak open rate can be the sign of many different things. Let’s look at them and see how you can improve the open rates for your company.

Average open rate

Before diving into improving your individual open rates, let’s first look quickly at some averages. While an average open rate depends on different industries and email providers. As soon as you start diving below 15% it should be setting off some alarm bells. A lot of email providers give you the option to provide the industry you’re operating in and helps you to give the average numbers per industry. If you don’t know where you need to look, the amazing folks over at Constant Contact have a great overview that is regularly updated.

As you can see from the table the worst performing industry to be in concerning open rates is the insurance one with an average open rate of 6.95%. The biggest open rates come from the child care services industry with a whopping 40.25%. If you score even higher with your newsletter, there is time right now for high-fiving your colleagues 😉 but nevertheless you should always try to improve!

So what are the things to look at when improving?

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What Everybody Ought To Know About Great Value Propositions

How To Write An Effective And Unique Value Proposition

Your product may be the best product in the world, with the most amazing features, your presentation to the outside world might be perfectly executed, and you have the best price in your category, but no one will ever know about all of these fantastic items if they don’t get past your high-level value proposition.

The value proposition is the number 1 thing that determines whether or not people are bothered with reading more about your product or hitting the back button. In this blog post were going to dive into the Value Proposition. What is it, what’s it not and how to create a winning Value Proposition for your business.

What is a value proposition?

In its simplest terms, a Value Proposition is a positioning statement that explains what benefit you provide for who and how you do it uniquely well. It describes your target buyer, the problem you solve, and why you’re distinctly better than the alternatives.

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Low Traffic? You Can Still Increase Your Conversion Rate

How To Do Conversion Optimization With Almost No Traffic

We already talked about the importance of Conversion Rate Optimization before and got the basics worked out for your company website to start with Conversion Rate Optimization. At its core conversion optimization is the idea of testing out different versions of your pages, different copy, different visuals, etc. to make the pages get as much conversion as possible.

“I have too little traffic to test; hence, I can’t do conversion optimization.”

However, to conduct a scientific test, you need enough visitors to increase your conversion rate and enough conversions to generate good results. According to Launchbit is saying that you need a minimum of 100 visitors to each landing page with at least 20 conversions for a test to achieve statistical significance (a recommended 95%).

But what if your website doesn’t quickly generate this amount of traffic and converts even less? This scenario happens to marketers quite often and leaves many wondering if split testing can be effective or if CRO is even right for their company.

The answers are: Of course it can and CRO is right for everyone. You just need a slightly different approach. Here’re a few ways that you can make CRO and testing more effective, even if you don’t have enough traffic.

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6 Marketing Tips for Bootstrapped Startups

The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your Startup Online Without a Big Budget

Startup marketing is a whole different science.

“Build and they will come” doesn’t work.

Those overnight success stories are often the result of years of hard work. Startup marketing is challenging because of limited resources (time, money, or even talent). Every effort, no matter how small, must be flawlessly executed. Traditional strategies don’t always work. So what can you do when you just don’t have the budget for a big marketing campaign?

Let’s go over six things that can get your marketing moving in the right direction, without having to spend much besides sweat equity.

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4 Rules to Convert Online Leads into Paying Customers

The 4 Rules for Converting Online Leads into Sales

One of the biggest challenges for a lot of B2B companies is generating leads. That’s why we started with Inbound Rocket in the first place, to help you as a business owner get more qualified leads from your website. But if your sales team struggles to follow-up on the leads you create as a marketer, then you’re effort are wasted.

When it comes to leads, traditional marketers would often wait for an optimum response time. However for online leads, this is a complete different story. When you get a new lead that comes from filling out a form after different page visits, those leads are still on your website and ready to start engaging. This means that these type of leads require a faster, more engaged response than a traditional lead which comes to you via offline conversions. You can easily compare these types of leads to incoming phone calls, for example, you would not let them wait for hours, would you?

In 2011, Dr. James Oldroyd performed a study called “The Short Life of Online Sales Leads”. In this study, he found that most companies are not fast enough in the way they follow-up leads. From the 2,240 companies examined, only 46% followed-up with a lead within 24 hours.

The speed in which your sales team follows up on the marketing lead is essential. A slow follow-up means losing business to a competitor whereas a quick follow up is more than likely to lead to a sale.

We’ve put together 4 easy tips to help you turn more website leads into paying customers.

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How To Create Irresistible Offers That Generate Leads

5 Ways To Get More Conversions With Irresistible Offers

Yes. It’s one of the most powerful words in the human language. And if you think about all the things we do as marketers, the ultimate goal is to get people to say “yes” to what we have to offer!

Yes to opening your email. Yes to clicking on a link. Yes to downloading, signing up, donating, or buying. And your job’s not over after just one yes — it takes several progressive “yeses” in order to move someone down your sales and marketing funnel, deeper into the buyers journey.

So how do you persuade more people to say “yes”?

When an offer is exclusive, scarce or in high demand, it becomes more desirable. Today we will look into creating irresistible elements for your offers, which can help overcome a leads’ typical doubt or concern. Why do these elements work? Because they all trigger a physiological reaction that makes the offer more valuable. If someone thinks the value of your offer is bigger than what you’re asking them for in return they are more likely to accept the offer. The higher this perceived value, the more irresistible the offer becomes!

So how do you create one of these irresistible offers? Let’s look into five different elements you can use..

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Inbound Marketing Is About Much More Than Getting Found Online

Inbound Marketing Is About Much More Than Getting Found Online

You’ve read all the blogs, all the books and you’ve got this amazing blog. Your blog is Search Engine Optimised, you even got a very active social media community. The top of your Inbound Marketing funnel is overflowing, and while this is amazing, you’re only half way there.

When Inbound Marketing started, it started as a response to the negativity that was surrounding getting prospects via traditional “outbound marketing” methods. Things like advertising and direct mail were costing a lot of money and were not getting the results on prospective clients or leads as they used to do. People were getting tired of being interrupted by irrelevant marketing messages all the time. Customers were starting to perform their own research, they started using search engines and social media sites to get the information they needed to make their buying decisions.

By prioritising relevant and very useful content, companies were starting to attract customers to their website on the terms of the customer. Inbound Marketing was forming a valued and welcome alternative for the buyers.

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Inbound Rocket version 1.0 is live

You Only Launch Once

We’ve spent the last seven months building Inbound Rocket to help scale and automate lead generation for you. Today, we’re excited to announce that we’re live and ready for prime time!

What our beta users are saying

“Been testing this plugin for the last couple of weeks as a beta-tester and I must say it is an excellent plugin for Inbound Marketing. I’m using it with email marketing and contact form 7 and we are able to refine our targets beyond the normal analytics.” – Will Martin founder at LiveDuel

“Less than five minutes to install and start using! This plugin has so much value, you’d be insane not to install it. It’s a must-have for any business owner, or someone concerned with lead generation. I love it. Built to solve real problems. Like the kind I use to have!” – Jeff SKI Kinsey, founder or co-founder of numerous tech start-ups, publisher, and investor.

How we use Inbound Rocket

We’ve been using Inbound Rocket for the last few months on our website to learn more about you and all the other visitors into what was important to you. This information helped us fine-tune all the little bits that make this plugin tick.

But enough about us, don’t wait any longer—download and install the plugin now!

If you need any help or ideas on how to best leverage Inbound Rocket, please don’t hesitate to reach out at any time. We want to ensure personally you get results like we have. And of course, if you’re running into any problems after or during the installation, let us know below in the comments as well, We’re here to help.

Now it’s time for us to head pop a small glass of champagne 😉 and then head back to working on making the plugin even better!

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The 9 Most Common Startup Marketing Mistakes

The Most Common Marketing Mistakes Made By Startups

As a startup founder, you have to wear many different hats within your organisation. Most times the teams are still very small so everyone needs to wear different hats in to get the company of the ground.

Startups face a number of unique challenges when it comes to marketing. With restricted budgets, limited resources, and a desperate need to get their name visible to the public, it puts entrepreneurs in a tight spot. Nine times out of ten, marketing is not even the founder’s speciality! And that’s why we tend to see the majority of startups making the same avoidable mistakes.

After working with startup founding teams for the last couple of years, we found the evidence is clear: You can have the best product or service in the world but if you don’t have a solid go-to-market plan, your business will fail. (assuming, of course, your startup is fixing a real problem).

In addition to laying out the vision, establishing a growth strategy, and building and supporting their team – in most cases they’re also doing (or managing) all of the marketing efforts. Nine times out of ten, marketing is not the founder’s specialty. As the founder of your company, knowing when and how to invest in marketing your business may just be the key ingredient to success.

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