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How to Build a Content Calendar (Includes a Free Template)

How to Build a Content Calendar (Includes a Free Template)

A new year has just kicked in, out of all the New Years resolution that you might have created for yourself, which is the one that is going to help (you kickstart) your business in 2015? Over at Inbound Rocket, we want 2015 make the year where we will start helping you by attracting more leads, letting you focus on what you do best and not having to worry about that lead generation.

Of course, we know as developers ourselves that you’ll likely spend hours upon hours perfecting your products. You take great pride in them want them to succeed. But what if you spend all that time and you don’t see the results you were hoping for? What if no one buys your product?

It can be a real letdown, that’s for sure. But before you toss your development dreams by the wayside, consider this for a moment: have you done everything within your power to market your product effectively? If you’re looking at your screen right now with a puzzled expression, I’ll take that as a “no.”

A good marketing strategy can make all the difference when trying to sell anything.

At Inbound Rocket, we think that one of the key things to start with is a good Inbound Marketing strategy and at the core of a good Inbound Marketing strategy is your blog. Blogging is critical for attracting visitors and leads to your website. However, in between you generating topic ideas, targeting your content, and optimising for search, your blogging should never be slowed down.

Free Content Calendar Template

We know that organising your ideas is time-consuming. That’s why we created this free to use Excel blog editorial template to help you. It’s designed to keep you on track as you develop awesome content that your prospects, customers and readers will love. You can use this template to:

  • Take a birds-eye view of your content and fill in any gaps
  • Plan and organise around key events, dates, and launches
  • Ensure plenty of prep time to get content ready to publish
  • Keep your content authors and topics organised
  • Track keyword and call-to-action use
  • Ensure that content is developed on time and on target.

Just head over to Google Docs and copy this template onto your own drive for immediate usage!

Download Content Calendar Template



If you’ve been creating content for long enough, you’ve likely experienced the benefits of a content calendar for your blogging and your social media updates. A strategic approach to content makes a world of difference for delivering the absolute best blogs, updates, and shares you can.

What do you use for a content calendar? Which elements of the calendar are most important to you? We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments.

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